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Post by Rod Ecric


Have never hunted before (51yrs) so have greatly appreciated your patience with a newbie like myself. Going shooting for foxes, rabbits and roo’s from a vehicle on a “smooth” paddock seems to lack the challenge of a “10 minute walk” (3 hours) to have a quick look!

You certainly cater for all occasions with access to helicopters, 4WD trucks, good accommodation and a great little quad (Get the back seat fixed thanks mate) to get us within “10 mins” of our quarry.

Jason thanks for the meals and all you have don’t to make our hunt a fantastic one. Where else can you get front row seats to a traditional land owner’s snake drive! I can picture myself walking through the bush... Hat, long sleeve shirt, long pants with lots of pockets (safari style), strong leather belt laden with knife, camera, ammo, multi tool, thick woollen socks, steel capped waterproof shoes, binoculars, ear plugs, sunglasses, ammo band on wrist, back pack with waters, ammo, spare shirt, spare pants, jacket, pain killers, tooth ache gel, reading glasses – walking alongside Clayton or Shane and Jason wearing t-Shirt, shorts and thongs!!!

Karl, thanks for taking the time to get the photos of the pigs looking good (not much you can do to improve us) they will have pride of place on the shed photo board ( full of everyone else’s hunts).

Karl, Jason Thank you both very much


Rod Ecric

Western Australia

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