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Bob Hanson

Robert & Arlene Hanson

Wapiti, Wyoming USA

6 June 2011


What a fabulous experience! We landed at the Murganella airstrip at 12:00 noon, having left Walker River at 10:30am on a Cessna 206 after a spot of lunch, Arlene and I went afield on Karl’s very interesting (and efficient) hunting vehicle. On our very first walk Karl spotted a good bull, and after 80 yards the Banteng was on the ground at about 5:20pm. It took Karl about 1 hour to walk out in the thick bush and come back in the quad. He finished caping the bull using the quad’s floodlights. We got to the truck, loaded the quad onto the truck and got back to the lodge at 9:00pm, where we toasted my success.


To Karl and Kylie –

Really enjoyed the Banteng hunt. It was an exhilarating and nerve racking stalk.  The culmination of a beautiful Banteng, high heat and high grass almost did me in. We enjoyed the company; accommodation was perfect and the meals outstanding.


Best wishes to you both,

Arlene Hanson.


Banteng harvested at 9:20am 6/7/11, 40 yard shot.


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