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Bill Poulton

Hunt 18-23rd July 2011


Monday 18th left Darwin at 8:30am and arrived at camp at 3:00pm. Set up then went looking for a buff. Managed to get a great boar.

Tuesday up and at 5:00am to start a day that would turn into the longest hunt ever. Shot a good bull at about 8:00am then proceeded to track him for 3 hours. Killed him at about 11:00am after tracking him for about 6-7km’s. What a hoot. He finished with 10 shots in him including one between the eyes and he was still fighting. 102 points. Managed to get a few more boars for the rest of the hunt.

Thank you Karl for a great hunt (Top bloke to boot).

Bill Poulton.

Quakers Hill NSW


P.S What a great office. Keep up the good work. A special thanks to Eric and Gillian. 

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